Start Date
22 FEB 2018
End Date
22 MAR 2018
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$0,45 = 1 VIEW


Viewly is a decentralized video platform powered by blockchain and peer‐to‐peer video sharing technologies.

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Viewly is a decentralized video platform powered by blockchain and peer‐to‐peer video sharing technologies. The main idea comes from a problem which exists on the current video platforms, known as demonetization of content and AdPocalypse. A platform for creators, by creators. Creators build their tribe of dedicated fans, and receive Patreon like support through frictionless micropayments and subscriptions. Creators can also sign sponsorship deals that are in-line with their fanbase best interests—with the on-chain escrow smart contracts, without middlemen. Viewly has no ad revenues to optimize for. Our interests are aligned with our viewers and content creators. As such, we can use machine learning to best serve viewers in a way that respects  their  time,  preferences  and  connects  them  to  best  fitting  content  creators. Every creator tailors the experience for his community. Viewly will focus on improving quality of content and meaningfulness of interactions (enhanced engagement). The economic models we are proposing thrive with positive community building. The video monetisation models are especially suited to niche and quality content creators with  medium  to  small-sized  audiences  that  aren’t  sustainable  on  the  advertising  revenue  alone. Its modern approach to content monetisation avoids this incredible challenge of the legacy ad‐based system. It also gives us an opportunity to create and popularize new approaches to value creation on the Internet. It enables creators to build a community of fans and converse with them in new and unique ways. It goes beyond broken comment systems so well known on some existing platforms. It empowers fans to support their favourite artists and directly influence the content creation process.
Users have flexibility in how they chose to support content creators and essentially how they become patrons. In return, creators can set up multiple membership levels with various benefits, such as 1) access to limited content 2) private chats discussing ideas for upcoming content or 3) being featured in an upcoming video. These are just some of the built‐in rewards. As rewards are customizable, the possibilities are endless and only depend on the ingenuity of content creators and their engagement with their audience. Furthermore, there will be general rewards for the biggest contributors in each category, ranging from special badges to voting to commenting influence on future content.  The next phase is transitioning to DAO structure & decentralized CDN (content delivery network) where everyone will be able to dedicate resources (storage and bandwidth) and earn (these actors in the system are known as miners). We have already a working tech proof of concept running on the Steem blockchain and IPFS storage.